Happiness in everyday life, it doesn´t take that much; perhaps just your bare feet on a soft and colourful carpet made of pure wool.
Hand tufted textiles, rugs or wall hangings, may feel like luxury products but
choosing these products is a commitment to sustainability and environmental care.
Hand tufted textiles last for decades and withstand both wear and 
fluctuations in trends.

Luxury soft and rich textiles in both design and colours

Large and small rugs, decorative wallhangings or cushions and pillows. Hand tufting allows any shape or size, different heights on pile and a nearly unlimited choice of colours. Wool rugs are dirt resistant  and easy to maintain, usually vacuuming is enough.   
A hand tufted textile with 4 kg pure wool yarn per square meter
absorbs much noise and enhances the acoustics of the room.

HW Textil work on commission and would be happy to compliment  your everyday life with a bit of sustainable luxury.

The idea is to transform a simple idea into a finished product that satisfies the customer. The fact that it is a pure pleasure to “paint” with the yarn is not a disadvantage.

HW TEXTIL fulfills your interior design wishes with unique hand tufted textiles.