Public environment

Luxurious thick and generous in both design and colors

Hand tufted textiles last for both use and trend swings for decades.
Large and small rugs, walhangings that also absorbs noise, or seat cushions and pillows.

Handtufting allows any shape or size, different heights of pile and a nearly unlimited selection of colours .

HW TEXTIL does commissions and collaborates with interior designers, architects , designers and artists .

HW Textiles designs interior textiles in close cooperation with you.

Get in touch to see how we can meet yours or your customer’s needs and wishes with unique handmade home furnishings .

FACTS :växtkraft

Hand tufted on Åland in Finland
– A commitment to sustainability and environmental care
– Wear layer of pure new wool and bonded with natural latex
– Stain resistant and easy to care for
– 4 kg clean woolyarn per square meter
– Good absorber of
sound that improves the acoustics of the room
– Price according to quotation
– Addition of different pile height , embossed trims and treatment of rough edges will be added in a specified quote
– Delivery in about 2 months after ordering