Tufted textile for you

I tuft textiles as rugs, wallhangings, stools and pillows and gladly as comissioned work.

The customer receives a totally unique textile which is tailored to their needs, taste and space.

tufted textile for you

A unique handtufted textile is also an excellent gift that will last for decades.

  • Children who perpetuate mother’s favourite flower from the garden by ordering it as a soft luxurious rug for the livingroom.
  • The perfect gift for the newly wed couple moving into a new house with an echoing large living room.
  • The soft rug for children´s bare feet that stays stylish and fresh throughout their entire childhood .

Invest in a gift that lasts for decades; a sustainable, eco-friendly gift for someone who cares about nature.

It is not difficult to order a completely unique handtufted textile, starting for example from your own ideas or sketches.

The following describes how the process works:
Get in touch by filling out the form here.

I will contact you as soon as possible and after confirmation of your request, you will receive a quote for the design and manufacturing of the bespoked rug.

After approvement the planning begins, which always is done in close consultation with the customer.

Once the design is approved and pre- payment (25% of price) made, ​​the production starts.

It’s that simple and the whole process takes no longer than 2 months!

(Depending on size)

A unique hand tufted textile is not much more expensive than one that is massproduced and you will be so much happier with your tailor-made rug that surely will be an eyecatcher in your home.

So do not hesitate to get in touch, you don´t commit to any purchase.

Here you can read more about the materials I use and the manufacturing process.

Learn more about tufted textiles

On my portfolio page you can see examples of unique hand tufted textiles that I have made, both small and larger projects.

Let me offer you an opportunity that you didn't even know existed.